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Gobi to Golden Eagle Tour

View the amazing and timeless Mongolian Gobi Desert. You will experience tranquility and many mysteries which you will take back home with you. The desert has camel herders and many things to see.

One of the most spectacular customs of the Kazakh people is to hunt with specially trained eagles.  They celebrate this with a festival held in Bayan Olgii province at the heart of the majestic Altai Mountains.  The festival displays the skill of the best Kazakh hunters (about 200-250 eagle hunters). 

Once the festival has ended you will be able to discover the beautiful surrounding landscape of the Altai - picturesque glaciers, high Rocky Mountains, lakes and ancient rock paintings.

Brief Itinerary


(Sep 11) Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and city tour

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. You'll be greeted at the airport and escorted to 4* hotel. Take a city tour to Gandan Monastery where you will see huge gold plated Buddha, a symbol of Mongolian national pride and cultural revival and visit National Museum of Mongolian History, where you will see artifacts from Mongolia and Central Asia from the Stone Age to the present. Excursion to Zaisan Hill War Memorial to get your bearings with a panoramic view of the whole city. Overnight in the hotel. (L+D)


(Sep 12) Fly to Dalanzadgad and drive to Bayanzag, the land of the Dinosaurs   

After meet in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to the airport for your flight to Dalanzadgad, the capital of South Gobi province. The flight takes hour and a half and on your arrival at the airstrip in Dalanzadgad, Discover Mongolia team will be waiting for you. Today we will drive to Bayanzag, (known as a Flaming Cliffs where the first nest of dinosaur eggs found in 1922) a site famous for the remains of dinosaurs which lived here 60 million years ago. You can walk around where dinosaurs once roamed and see saksaul trees and other classic desert vegetation. Overnight in tourist camp. (B+L+D)    


(Sep 13) Khongor sand dunes and camel ride 

After breakfast, take a trip to Khongor sand dunes. The sand dunes change color with each hour of the day, from yellow to silver to rose-colored at (dawn/ sundown). 2 hours, you will be riding on camel to explore the Khongor sand dunes. The two-humped Bactrian camels are very comfortable to ride as they walk slowly and gently, and you will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably in between them. Our camel guide will lead you safely through the sand dunes. Plus, you will have an opportunity to visit a camel herdsman family to experience their lifestyle, culture and traditions. Overnight in tourist camp. (B+L+D)


(Sep 14) Eagle valley in South Gobi

Drive to Eagle Valley and Dungenee– a wonderfully picturesque place with ice even in summer and surrounded by sheer rocky walls, forming incredible canyons. These areas are situated in the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park that encompasses the "Three Beauties" peaks and the most easterly points of the Altai Mountains. Visit NP museum. Overnight in tourist camp. (B+L+D)


(Sep 15) Fly back Ulaanbaatar and Terelj NP, horse riding

Morning, we will fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Drive to Giant Chinggis Khaan statue. The statues in total is 40m high and see as far sighted Chinggis Khaan holds a golden whip in his right hand. The Terelj National Park incorporates parts of Khentii Mountain Range. You'll explore the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to turtles and horse riding. Overnight in tourist camp. (B+L+D)  


(Sep 16) Fly to Ulgii and city tour
Morning drive back to the airport and flight to Ulgii town. Discover Mongolia team will be waiting for you. Visit a local museum and black market. We will photography day of another culture and tradition then main Mongols. Overnights in local hotel. (B+L+D)  

Day 7-8

(Sep 17-18) Golden Eagle Festival and photo shoot
Meet the Kazakh Eagle hunters. The rodeo of eagle hunting. A fantastic opportunity for photographers and adventurers alike to see these magnificent birds up close. There are approx. 200 eagle hunters in Bayan-Ulgii aimag. Eagle hunters from around regions gather to test their finely trained birds in singular contests of speed and agility in these few days. During the festival we also see some Kazakh Traditional Horse Games like “Bush Kushi" (Try to take out from each other the goat skin on horseback), "Kiss woman on horseback", "Pick up coins from the land on horseback" and others. In the evening, we enjoy to have the Kazakh Concert with some traditional songs and music. You can portrait opportunities in exotic Eagle hunters. Back to Ulgii and overnights in local hotel. (B+L+D)


(Sep 19) Tsagaan Gol - Shiveet Hairhan Mt. & Rock painting
Today we will have full day drive to Altai Tavanbogd National Park (means The Holy Five) via Tsagaan Gol (White river) valley and through Altai Mountains that are Mongolia’s largest and highest mountain range more than 3000-4000 meters high. One famous spot is “Shiveet Hairhan” Sacred Mountain, where we will see the largest rock painting site from the period of the Huns (approx. 200 B.C.) Overnight in tent, (B+L+D)   


(Sep 20) Horse ride – Potanin glacier
Today we will ride horse to Altai Tavanbogd referring to the peaks of Huiten - 4374m and the highest. It is a stunning setting with the awe inspiring massif of high snowcapped peaks. We will reach the 30km long Potanina glacier, which is ice river starts from Altai Tavan Bogd Snow Peaks. Back to base camp and overnight in tent. (B+L+D)  


(Sep 21) Drive to Ulgii town      
Return to Ulgii where we rest and soak in memories of the past few days. You can hot shower and relax in local hotel. (B+L+D)    


(Sep 22)Fly back to Ulaanbaatar and city tour options

After breakfast you will have a flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Visit Bogd Khan Palace, which is a series of beautiful traditional buildings, where the last religious King of Mongolia resided. You may choose an optional city tour where you will be taken to souvenir and cashmere shops before enjoying an evening concert of National Folklore. Overnight at the hotel. (B+L+D)


(Sep 23) Departure Mongolia  
After breakfast, you will be transferred from your hotel to the airport. (B)  

CategoryOverland & Discovery tours
AvailableSep 14 - 23
Activity level4

Tour Highlights:

• Explore great eternal Gobi desert
• Eagle valley/Khongor sand dunes
• Bayanzag – land of dinosaurs
• Horse / Camel ride trial
• 2 full days of Eagle Festival
• Hospitality of Kazakh people
• Huge Chinggis Khaan Statue
• Local food & people

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Have you ever been inside of real nomadic lifestyle and culture? Do you want to discover and stay with people whose ancestors made the biggest empire in the world during medieval period? This trip gives you only one great chance to visit real Mongolian nomadic families and experience their everyday life, custom and tradition.

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