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Where is Mongolia?

Geographical location

 Mongolia is a land-locked country in the North-East Asia bordering China with 4.673 km in the south and Russian Federation with 3485 km in the north. The total territory of the country is 1.566 million square kilometers making approximately 1 square kilometers per 1.6 persons and 18th largest country in the world. The territory of Mongolia is larger than territories of Great Britain, Germany France & Italy together. 
It is located on average altitude is 1580 meters above the sea level. The largest Mongolian mountain range, the Altai Mountain, is located in the western part of the country. This range of mountains stretches for 1500 km. The highest point in the country, Mount Huiten (4374m above the sea level) is in the Western Altai Mountains the lowest point, Huh nuur (560m) is found in Dornod province. Vast steppe dominated in eastern and southern part of country, the largest one is called Menengiin Tal (250, 00 square km).

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